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Sustainable School Meals

Unlocking the potential of the public plate towards a largescale transition to plant-based meals in schools

A transition towards reduced meat consumption and a more plant-based diet has been called for to address sustainability and health challenges in diets. However, such a transition will likely require a profound societal change.


Current evidence on meat consumption and substitution points towards the presence of structural barriers to shifting to more plant-based diets, and large segments of consumers are not willing to change their meat eating habits, even when acknowledging benefits of more plant-based diets.

Against this backdrop, SUSTAINMEALS adopts an integrated approach to promote a large-scale, nationwide shift towards more healthy and sustainable plant-based meals, focusing both on individual consumer-level variables and on shared context-based variables.

Project supported by Programa Lisboa 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Regional Development Fund (Lisboa-01-0145-FEDER-029348), and by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (PTDC/PSI-GER/29348/2017).

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